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Problems accessing BIOS in VMWare 6.0.5

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  • Problems accessing BIOS in VMWare 6.0.5

    I have problems to access BIOS in VMWare Workstation to boot from CD after I installed my Virutal OS. Is any other way to configure the first boot device to be CD ROM or ISO Image? I tried with all: F2, DEL, ESC but it boots up very fast and I can not access the BIOS?

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    Re: Problems accessing BIOS in VMWare 6.0.5

    Since your post references to VMWare, it should be in VMWare Virtualization forum. Please read the forum rules.
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      Re: Problems accessing BIOS in VMWare 6.0.5

      A couple of options:

      1. Warm reboot - this should allow you to hit ESC fast enough to access the Boot Menu.
      2. Temporarily remove the virtual hard drive from the VM's configuration. This will disallow the VM to boot from the hard drive so quickly.

      ESX has an option to tick a box to force the VM to go directly into BIOS on boot but I don't see that option in Workstation 6.5.

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