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Upgrade ISX Server 3.02 to 3.03

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  • Upgrade ISX Server 3.02 to 3.03

    Hello Everyone.
    Hope the day is going great for you.
    I would like someone to explain to me how to upgrade ESX server 3.02 into ESX server 3.03.
    I already downloaded the proper tar file but I do not know how to proceed with the upgrading process.
    Thanks in advance for the help

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    Re: Upgrade ISX Server 3.02 to 3.03


    [[email protected] ~]# esxupdate

    To install ESX patches and updates:
    esxupdate [options] update

    -b <bundle ID> : Install this bundle. May be a wildcard.
    May be repeated. Defaults to '*'.
    -r/--repo <url> : Install bundle at url; default is cwd
    --test : Download RPMs and run test transaction only
    -n/--noreboot : Do not reboot after install
    --nosigcheck : Do not check signatures of the depot files
    -x/--exclude <pkg> : Exclude pkg during install; use one -x per pkg.
    -f/--force : Force install of older and existing packages

    To scan for available updates in a depot:
    esxupdate -d <depotURL> [-b <bundlespec>][options] scan

    --explain : Explain in detail why a bundle is not applicable

    To query installed update bundles:
    esxupdate [-l] query
    esxupdate [-l] info <bundleID1> [<bundleID2> ...]

    -l/--listrpms : (info) List every rpm in patch
    (query) Diff RPMDB against installed updates

    To query update bundle(s) at URL or in a depot:
    esxupdate [-r <URL> | -d <depotURL> [-b <bundleID>] ...] [-l] info

    Universal options:
    -d <depot URL> : Depot containing contents.xml file is here
    --flushcache : Force a flush of the local depot cache
    -v/--verbose <level> : Set output verbosity (default=20)
    10=debug / 20=info / 30=warning / 40=error

    A reboot will occur after an install finishes by default, unless
    no bundles require a reboot or the --noreboot option is passed.
    VCDX3 #34, VCDX4, VCDX5, VCAP4-DCA #14, VCAP4-DCD #35, VCAP5-DCD, VCPx4, vEXPERTx4, MCSEx3, MCSAx2, MCP, CCAx2, A+ - VMware Virtualization Evangelist
    My advice has no warranties. Follow at your own risk.


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      Re: Upgrade ISX Server 3.02 to 3.03

      Upgrade is very straight forward but for standard purpose, make a back up of your vitual machines first in case you have to restore them. Download proper package from VMware neither .tar or ISO images all works fine.

      1. Put CD in your ESX host and follow the upgrade screen and its very quick about 5-10 minute max.

      2. If you want no downtime, make sure to place your ESX host in maintenance mode and migrated all your VMs to available host in the cluster. And then upload your tar packages with WinSCP and then use esxupdate command you can read VMware ESX 3.x upgrade guide more details.