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Adaptec 29160 and aic7xxx driver

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  • Adaptec 29160 and aic7xxx driver

    Hi Everyone

    I am a newbie to vmware esx. I am trying to get vmware esx 3.5 installed on my PC.

    I have an adaptec 29160 card and a 73gb SCSI drive. However, the installation does not see the card, even when I choose the aic7xxx driver.

    Can anyone give me some pointers.

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    Re: Adaptec 29160 and aic7xxx driver

    Hardware Compatibility Guides!
    These are the HCLs for the product. Follow them to ensure your environment is officially supported by VMware. No production environment should stray from what's documented here.

    Community-Supported Hardware/Software for VMware Infrastructure
    In 2007, VMware began maintaining a web page of non-HCL hardware that works with VMware ESX. This is a list of hardware and software components that have been reported to work with VMware Infrastructure, either by the community or by the individual vendors themselves. Great for people trying to build a cheap lab out of dubious or whitebox hardware. If your hardware is not on the official VMware HCL, check this list to see if someone has reported that your particular piece of hardware works with ESX.

    Additional Resources for Community-Supported Hardware/Software for VMware Infrastructure
    VCDX3 #34, VCDX4, VCDX5, VCAP4-DCA #14, VCAP4-DCD #35, VCAP5-DCD, VCPx4, vEXPERTx4, MCSEx3, MCSAx2, MCP, CCAx2, A+ - VMware Virtualization Evangelist
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      Re: Adaptec 29160 and aic7xxx driver

      Thanks for the reply. I really appreciate the pointers.

      I had already checked the vmware HCL already and the adaptec card 29160 is on the list. That's what I don't get.

      I also thought it could be related to the motherboard. I am using a MSI P35 Diamond. I have seen other vmware users on blogs using a p35 and it seems to work.


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        Re: Adaptec 29160 and aic7xxx driver

        the 29160 card is a SCSI HBA, not a raid controller. never tried it myself, but I am not sure whether it is supposed to be able to work with a standalone drive properly. it does work well with TBUs and autoloaders though
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