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  • Virtualization Pricing trends

    Hey Folks, I was wondering, in terms of pricing of various virtualization offering, have you seen any visible trends. I guess pricing may be coming down from every vendor including VMWare - any thoughts - Thanks for helping us

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    Re: Virtualization Pricing trends

    Hypervisors have become a commodity and competition among many vendors gives the consumer a choice. This is causing a drop in up front pricing. Microsoft is selling Hyper-V for $28 which is really pushing the envelope but do not be fooled like many others into merely considering up front pricing as the sole deciding factor. There are components like features and TCO that competitors of VMware are reluctant to talk about in their marketing talk. Rather, what we hear are tales of vapor ware coming in 2010 and in the case of one particular vendor, blatent fantasies. What I'm trying to say is that license cost should only be one part of the decision. Additional cost often brings additional value and vise/versa, ie. you get what you pay for. What counts is what's available and supported today, plus a glimpse into the near future to ensure one solution or another is going to scale with your needs. Vendors who tout 2010 future features with features currently being offered by a competitor today should be an obvious red flag.
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