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Install ESXi, what's next?

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  • Install ESXi, what's next?

    After installing ESXi, what shld i do next?

    I search several website, but it does not show me any steps which i can follow. And i am quite clueless of what to do next.

    I have a problem which i encounter:

    When i inside the yellow & grey, i try to go into configure management network mode.


    I got 2 options.

    (1) Yes, Reset
    (2) Cancel

    I choose the (1), then it get me back to the yellow & grey box again.
    If i choose (2), it also get me back to the yellow & grey box.

    I could not edit the hostname and IP address.

    What shld i do? and i not sure if i did it correctly not.

    Can anyone help me.

    Thanks! =)

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    Re: Install ESXi, what's next?

    Are you asking how to create Virtual Machines once you have ESXi installed?
    What is the goal of your project?
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      Re: Install ESXi, what's next?

      Hmmm my project is to able to run multiple OS into the virtual machine.
      And frm there, i need to install a OS and put in database.


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        Re: Install ESXi, what's next?

        Your ESXi symptoms are the same as I had, only 2 options when trying to configure the network, Reset to Factory and Cancel. The problem was ESXi didn't want to use my motherboard network controller. I found a site that listed compatible network cards. Buying and installing one of the suggested network cards resolved the problem for me.

        I noticed the site I had found and some other great information are included on this forum in a previous post (with links) by jasonboche:

        If you read through his post and follow the links I'm betting it will help you out. Best of luck with your setup.