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Setting permissions in Virtual Center and having them

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  • Setting permissions in Virtual Center and having them

    I am beginning my Virtual Center excperience and have a question for any of you weathered admins out there who are dealing with VMWare.

    I have set the permissions in an object containing 60 machines. One group, our Help Desk staff, needs admin permissions to all of the objects machines. This I have done. They also need admin permissions on all of the guest operating systems. My questions is, is there a way to set those permissions inheritable by the guest operating systems on those VM's?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Re: Setting permissions in Virtual Center and having them

    There is no correlation between the permissions and roles assigned in the Virtual Infrastructure Client and the permissions inside of a guest operating system. Permissions and roles assigned in the VIC do not magically cascade into the guest operating system. Assign perissions and privileges in the guest operating system in a traditional manner as you would for physical machines.

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      Re: Setting permissions in Virtual Center and having them

      To add to what Jason said.

      Virtual Center permissions are just that.

      They give permissions and acccess the same as you would to a physical machine:

      who can power it on/off
      change "hardware" resources
      change network settings

      They have nothing to do with the OS that is hosted on the machine

      That you will need to do with AD and permissions.
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