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ESXi 3.5 Build 110271 and VI Client "Time Configuration" Conflicts

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  • ESXi 3.5 Build 110271 and VI Client "Time Configuration" Conflicts


    I'm new to the ESXi world, currently I'm running Server on a Windows platform in a home environenment.

    During my research and "self-teach" process, I came accross a strange anomaly, it's regarding the ESXi server time and what VI Client displays.

    During the multiple installs, I noticed that the install does not prompt for a time zone, being new to the product, I figure that it's normal. However when I installed the VI Client, I noticed under the "Configuration" tab, there is an option to configure ntp source, which I did.

    This mourning, I checked the time on the server (I enabled ssh) via putty. I attached some screen grabs to show what is going on.

    Screen grab esxi_server_time.jpg displays what the server's current time and date

    Screen grab vi_client_configuration_tab.jpg shows what VI Client displays

    My windows client current date is Sunday, September 14, 2008

    During one of my "self-teach" installs, I did notice that everytime I went into the properties of "Time and Configuration" and click on the OK button, the error would go away, but the server time would be off see screen grab

    vi_client_time_after_configuration_change.jpg and

    My hardware configuration:
    Dell Precision 390 (test machine)

    Any help will greatly be apprieciated.

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    Re: ESXi 3.5 Build 110271 and VI Client "Time Configuration" Conflicts

    The VIC will translate the time offset for the time zone. Your ESX host appears to not be set for the correct time zone. This is evidenced by your date command showing UTC. ESX displays the time zone the host has been configured for when executing the date command. You can also check your timezone offset by running the command ll /etc/localtime. This will show you the symbolic link that localtime points to.
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      Re: ESXi 3.5 Build 110271 and VI Client "Time Configuration" Conflicts

      Both the installation of ESX Hosts, as well as Windows operating installs prompt for the time zone..

      Not sure how you missed that one..