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Slow install ESEi Windows 2008

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  • Slow install ESEi Windows 2008

    Hi all,

    I;ve just built an ESXi server using ML110 - installed without issue. Installed the client and set about my first virtual server - win 2008 x64. Ran initially from client CD - very very slow install and then tried ISO from client - still slow for windows 2008.

    I tried using host CD but it says "no device" - just in the process of copying the ISO over to the host too see if that;s any faster.

    Am I missing something here or doing it wrong? I've used VM and MS server before and both installed much quicker than when using ESXi.

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    Re: Slow install ESEi Windows 2008

    Using the .ISO is a best practice and will yield the fastest deployment of the OS short of using images.

    I'm not sure why deployment from your client DVD is slow. Check your network speed/duplex settings of both your workstation and ESX host.
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