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ESXI 3.5 allow virtual disk file to expand

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  • ESXI 3.5 allow virtual disk file to expand

    Hi, Im just trying the now free ESXI on some server and its working GREAT!! just one feature i'm trying to find or enable ...
    Its to be able in ESXI 3.5 to allow virtual disk file to expand ... like on workstation or virtual server...

    So I can set the 100 gig limit on my image in my datastore.. but I want it to grow not to take 100 gig right away..

    how can we enable this in esxi ??

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    Re: ESXI 3.5 allow virtual disk file to expand

    Generally you'd use vmkfstools to create a thin format virtual disk. However, it is my understanding that although there is a remote CLI console for ESXi, the ESXi console is READ-ONLY.

    Unfortunately that leaves me without a good answer for you. On a positive note, by allocating the 100GB disk up front, that almost guarantees you that your virtual disk will get 100GB of contiguous blocks on the drive meaning no fragmentation meaning high performance.
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      Re: ESXI 3.5 allow virtual disk file to expand

      There us a Remote Command Line interface (RCLI) for ESXi. Try downloading from: www vmware com /go/remotecli

      Excellent docs for the RCLI can be found at: www vmware com/support/pubs under the title Remote Command-Line Interface Installation and Reference Guide

      Based on your description you would want to use vmkfstools --diskformat thin option