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vmware networking issue

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  • vmware networking issue

    i have 4 physical NICs on my machine two are physically bridged with ace vmware workstation guest machine and two are attached with host machine.... 1nic on host and 1 nic on guest machine are configured to broadband DSL and 1 nic on host and 1 nic on guest are sharing local network.... i have proxy servers configured on both host and guest.... proxy works perfect on both host and guest machines but what i want is that when i connect to proxy server either host or guest from a client computer it should use its respective DSL connection right now what is happening is that even i connect to host or guest only one DSL is being used at a time...i want when i connect to guest proxy the guest DSL should respond and when i connect to host proxy the host DSL should respond where right now only one DSL entertain my request when i try to connection from a client computer

    i have DSL configured correctly on host and guest machine and local network is also working fine ping is successfully working on host and guest machine

    thank you for your time

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    Re: vmware networking issue

    I don't understand. Please reply with a network diagram.

    Thank you,
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      Re: vmware networking issue

      i mean how to use dsl connections one in host machine and one in guest machine they are two separate machine with proxy servers when client sends a request to host machine the host dsl connection should entertain the request and if the client sends a request to guest vm ware server 2003 machine the guest machine proxy service should redirect the request to dsl connection which is configured on guest vmware ms server 2003 but its not happening the proxy is working fine on both host and guest machine but both the machines i mean host and guest use one dsl connection not their respective connections even if if shut down one of the dsl modem even both the proxies works i mean if i shut down the host machine dsl connection it should stop but the other dsl keep both the host and dsl proxy service keep requesting using the other connection

      i need to make them separate work individually the hsot machine proxy service should redirect the client request to its respective configured DSL connection and guest machine proxy servcie should redirect to and should be entertained by the DSL connection configured to it if i power off one of the connection the other connection should not start entertaining the request it should stop working either of host or guest

      may be this clears the picture