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  • Virtual RADIUS Server

    Is it a good idea to have a RADIUS server running on a virtual machine?

    I've got a Win2k3 DC setup running VMWare Server. Within that I have a win2k3 Exchange Server and a WSUS Server.

    I'm in the process of setting up a VPN server now (thanks for the suggestion Jason ) and want to use RADIUS/IAS to authenticate the users. This is all new to me so is an incredible learning curve but also extremely exciting and fun.

    I have Win2k3 installed with 2 virtual NICs both attached directly to the physical network and that's about as far as I've got Don't want to set it up virtually if it's going to be too much of a security risk. There won't be anything confidential on it but it's the concept

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    Re: Virtual RADIUS Server

    By default every x86/x64 supported OS on VMware is a virtualization candidate until you or others prove it can't be or shouldn't be for technical, political, or security reasons, where the security reasons would rarely if ever be a concern since there exists no threatening exploits in the hypervisor. If and when exploits are made known, patches are soon to follow.

    This does not mean you should skip the due diligence process for determining virtualization candidacy. It's still an important step that should be completed. I'm saying that until you have valid proven reasons, don't rule out virtualizing a box like RADIUS. In general, one thing to watch out for are odd hardware requirements such as USB dongles or any hardware device that physically ties the VM to a specific host.

    I virtualize everything I can including servers, workstations, labs, routers, domain controllers, WAN latency simulators, etc.
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      Re: Virtual RADIUS Server

      Thanks. A great help as always

      I couldn't think of any obvious reason as to why it would be a problem but I'm in means an expert but hey, we all start somewhere

      Now to go and research different ways to set it up