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need help with project. win2003 server under vmware

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  • need help with project. win2003 server under vmware

    Hi, I've been poking around the board for a day or two and have found lots of interesting and useful information, but not exactly what I'm looking for. If I've overlooked the exact answer, someone please point me to the appropriate post, Otherwise, please be tolerent of a noob and flame gently

    Here's my situation. I'm a member of a group who's focus in network security. I've been tasked with developing a training package for new members. My goal is to get each new member set up with their own standardized 'virtual network' that we can base training workshops on.
    I want to develop step by step instructions so that any member, no matter what level of skill, will have the same set of tools to work with. Here's what I want to develop:

    Install vmware-server -- (because it's free)
    install windows server2003 enterprise as a domain controller, dhcp server, dns server (because we can get it free, and for a few other reasons)
    install a variety of other clients, including linux web and sql servers, and winXP clients

    I personally am running Ubuntu 8.04, our members will be running a mix of linux, winXP, and Vista. I need to be able to get them all up and running with the same 'captive network'

    I've been able to install vmware-server with no problem, and I've installed windows server2003, but getting server2003 configured as a domain controller, dhcp server, and dns server under vmware is not going well, there seems to be some issues with vmware playing dhcp server, etc. and my knowledge of both vmware server and windows server 2003 is not up to the task. Is anyone out there willing to do some intensive hand-holding for a worthwhile cause?

    The configuration I have in mind will mimic what was used at the last Pacific Rim Collegiate Cyber Defense competition. Our members will create the appropriate configuration on their own computers, and will practice skills such as scanning for vulnerabilities, patching the various servers, and attacking the servers using metasploit and other methods.

    I'm looking for ongoing advice on how to set up and configure windows server 2003 enterprise under vmware-server and connecting a variety of clients to it, either via email or on this forum (since others may also benefit from the information) Anyone up to the challenge?

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    Re: need help with project. win2003 server under vmware

    Originally posted by darin View Post
    Is anyone out there willing to do some intensive hand-holding for a worthwhile cause?
    Yes. Some of this have been doing this already for years.

    The first discussion point you speak of seems to involve setting up the correct network. Start by posing a detailed network schematic and let's go from there.

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