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error using vmkfstools to create datastore

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  • error using vmkfstools to create datastore

    I've been asked to automate an ENTIRE ESX 3.5 installation and creation of VM's.
    I have succesfully created a ks.cfg file to automate install of ESX 3.5 on an HP DL380 G5.

    I have the commands for VM's to be created, just need to know how to add to a ks.cfg or to automate 'post install' script.

    My REAL problem is that I cannot create the /vmfs/volumes/<datastore> using " vmkfstools -C vmfs3 -S storage /vmfs/devices/disks/vmhba0:0:0".

    I cannot use the VI Client as I have been told it MUST be scripted. I thought that using fdisk to create a partition before using the command to create a vmfs partition would help. It didn't work.

    I'm sure it's simple for someone who's done this.

    What's needed is:

    1. command line creation of /vmfs/volumes/<datastore and register as datastore in ESX server

    2. create vm's from .vmx files and place them into datastore. I assume using vmware-cmd -register

    ANY pointers would be appreciated.

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    Re: error using vmkfstools to create datastore

    First you need to create a partition, set the partition type, and then you can create a datastore.

    And this link might also help you out...
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