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Running 2008 server in Vmware

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  • Running 2008 server in Vmware

    I read an article here about running 64-bit guest. It only said something about a CPU requirement. So this means I have to install a 64-bit host system and also make sure my CPU is supported?

    Which Vmware version supports Windows 2008 Server? Just 2.0 RC1 or also 1.05?

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    Re: Running 2008 server in Vmware

    I believe 2008 is only in experimental support right now on VMware platforms. Look for official support to be coming VERY soon. ESX 3.5u2 was due in June and I would have expected the support to come there on the ESX side. VMware Server 2.0 is in release candidate state and expect 2008 will be supported in the gold release, if it's not already.

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      Re: Running 2008 server in Vmware

      basically you can install 2008x64 in a VM on vmware server 1.5, but you need it running on x64 capable machine of course.
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