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Virtual machine using ms iscsi initiator

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  • Virtual machine using ms iscsi initiator

    Hello all!

    In an attempt to consolidate servers on our network I presented a LUN via iSCSI to our corporate file server running w2k3 r2 in a virtual machine. I also installed NFS on this server.

    This server is on an ESX host but not a host in our cluster.

    I then was able to mount the datastore via NFS from ESX hosts in our cluster, browse the datastore, and even create a vm in on this datastore.

    However, I am unable to migrate or clone any of my virtual machines to this datastore-- it times out after showing no progress at all.

    I can go into the service console and SCP to this NFS store fine and throughput is great, and that is maybe what I will have to live with as the point really is to have a place for golden images and iso's for vm's to use.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Virtual machine using ms iscsi initiator

    I've seen the problem you're encountering with VMware's swISCSI when there is too much disk I/O load or too much overhead on the swISCSI initiator. A classic example of when this would happen is when I would try to migrate too many VM's from point A to point B, where one of the points was iSCSI and the other point was not.

    To validate this, you might run TOP/ESXTOP on your ESX host. Also monitor disk I/O and CPU utilization on your iSCSI target.

    Lastly, the swISCSI initiator seems to be more stable in current versions of ESX (3.5.0) versus older versions of ESX where swISCSI was essentially brand new in it's 1.0 version (3.0.x).

    I hope that helps.

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