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P2V Using Platespin

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  • P2V Using Platespin

    Hello Everyone,

    Just to confirm that following are the steps which needs to be taken for P2V migrations -

    1. Install Platespin Power convert and its client.
    2. Add/Discover physical server to be migrated in source servers.
    3. Create a VM in ESX host and boot it with WinPE Take Control CD.
    4. Add this Vm to Platespin target servers.
    5. In Platespin now drag the source server on target server.
    6. Choose the copy/move workload option and complete the wizard.

    Please let me know if there are any inputs?

    In this process the source machine is always running and available on network; so during P2V, does platespin install any agent on physical machine? Is this called Live Transfer?

    Also is it possible to do cold migration using Take Control ISO? I heard that if a machine is booted with TakeControl ISO then it always discovered under Target Servers?

    Thanks in advance.
    MCSE 2003, CCNA, VCP, ITIL Foundation

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    Re: P2V Using Platespin

    Sorry, I've never used platespin before so I can't help you with that. You are a VCP so I'm guessing you will find your way through this quickly.
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