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  • snapshot manager

    i am learning vmware workstation i am in the early stage. i have read in the web that snapshot manager in the one feature which is unique from other virtualization products

    it says we can take snap of the OS at different stages and we can roolback and rool forward, explain me

    does that mean if we make any configuration changes in the VM and it went drastically wrong at that stage is it possible for us to roll back the OS ?

    looking forward to your reply

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    Re: snapshot manager

    Yes, that is precisely what snapshots are for. The snapshot manager tracks changes inside the guest VM OS as well as the guest VM configuration (inside the .vmx)
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      Re: snapshot manager

      But as always with snapshots, using too many and keeping them for too long can cause a lot of confusion and degredation of performance.

      Get to know them well and understand what you are doing, so you don't regret it down the road....
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