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how to make network between virual machines

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  • how to make network between virual machines

    i am new to mcse and knew about virtulization and searched for that and found some topics about that issue and sait we can use vmware to make our mcse

    but i want to know how to make a network between my virtula machines so i can make my training using that

    thanks for that great forum

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    Re: how to make network between virual machines

    Network your virtual machines by connecting them to a virtual switch on your VMware host. If you have multiple hosts with virtual machines that need to be networked, be sure each of your hosts has an outbound network adapter associated with the virtual switch so that virtual machines across hosts can communicate with each other on the network. It goes without saying your VMware hosts need their outbound pNIC networked to a switch.
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      Re: how to make network between virual machines

      By Default VMware (workstation/Server) have 3 networks..
      1 - Bridged (connected through your Physical NIC to the external network)
      2 - NAT (gets a private address but uses your physical nic to access external network)
      3 - Host-Only (stays within the Host machine - no access to the external network)

      By default 2 & 3 have DHCP on by default meaning that you will get an IP allocated to your VM when powering up.

      All VM's on that network should be able to talk to each other. If you would like the network to be a closed one, then Host-only is the best bet.

      Since they are all on the same subnet they will will be able to talk to each other. Just make sure you have the IP's set up correctly for the VM's
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