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Vmware Infrastructure resources not utilized

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  • Vmware Infrastructure resources not utilized

    I have installed 2 ESX servers on a system with 2gb of
    ram and 4x3ghz cpu's and placed them in a cluster. I used vmware convert to copy our LAMP server to
    Vmware. The clusters total CPU and ram is correct but when the VM is under heavy
    load it never uses any of the resources from the second ESX server. Im
    looking under cluster1->Hosts
    The %cpu and %mem on Host1 is always 0 and 11 respective, and the %cpu and $mem on host2 is 93 and 99.
    Am I misunderstanding
    something here? Doesnt a VM on Host1 use the resources of host2 when host1 is expended?

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    Re: Vmware Infrastructure resources not utilized

    afaik ESX clustering is not there for computational resource sharing. if one ESX server is overloaded you can migrate or use vmotion to move a machine to another server, but there is no load balancing.

    correct me if I'm wrong, but how exactly do you imagine the speeds of disk i/o and cpu utilized over a network or fc connection?

    anyway, a LAMP server migrated to ESX is all nice, but some of the kernels require specific patching to run normally under VMWare. something to do with CPU tick steps being different between a real CPU and a virtualised one.
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      Re: Vmware Infrastructure resources not utilized

      As DY explained, ESX clustering is not a colaborative computing environment where a VM can use resources from more than one host at any one time with the exception of a short amount of time during the VMotion process.
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