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  • synchronizing time


    I'm currently testing SBS deployment on vmware server.

    My host is IBM 3400, 2xdual core, 8Gb RAM, running ubuntu server.

    Currently i have only one guest OS, which is SBS server running AD and exchange for 10 users.

    I had some issues with guest clock synchronization from the internet so i changed it to use vmware tools to sync with host.

    Now the clinet pcs' clock seems to run amok? It jumps forward and backward as it presumably tries to sync with server (domain controller) without much success.

    What are my options? I think i can set clients to sync from internet but i don't know how will it play with kerberos (one of reasons for time sync?) and with domain controllers time service?

    Any comments?


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    Re: synchronizing time

    I've also had problems using vmware time sync. I would suggest making sure your clients are syncing time from the SBS domain controller (this is the default), and then set your DC to either sync from an external time source, or if you have problems doing that, just don't sync it and disable the time client on the DC. As long as the clients are synced to the DC you'll be fine.



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      Re: synchronizing time

      My server is syncing time ok, the clients don't seem to be.

      SBS install is not modified significantly, and the defaults are still configured.

      I am worried about side effects that setting clients to sync from internet might produce.