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Removing VMWare Workstaion 4 from XP PC

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  • Removing VMWare Workstaion 4 from XP PC

    Hi All,

    I have VMWare Workstation 4 installed on my PC. I want to update it to version 6. But when i try to run the newer version it sees that i already have a version installed and that i need to remove it before i install the newer version. When i go to Add/ Remove Programs however, the program doesn't appear.

    Anybody know why or how to go about removing it from my machine?



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    Re: Removing VMWare Workstaion 4 from XP PC

    Hi, David.
    If your problem is with VMWare product, why didn't you post your question in the relevant forum? Let's hope that VMWare experts also visit this forum. You can ask one of the Moderators to move your post.
    Next, you did not say what OS are you working on? You do mention Add/Remove Programs, so one can assume that is a Windows type...
    On VMWare's Installing VMware Workstation 4 on a Windows Host article is stated:
    Uninstalling VMware Workstation 4 on a Windows Host

    To uninstall VMware Workstation 4, use the Add/Remove Programs control panel. Select the entry for VMware Workstation, then click Remove. Follow the on-screen instructions.
    That means that the software should be there. It can be a faulty installation or a previous, unsuccessful uninstall attempt.
    Take a look at these two articles that deal with manually uninstalling VMWare workstation:
    - Workstation 3.x manual uninstall (Windows hosts)
    - Cleaning Up After Incomplete Uninstallation on a Windows Host

    WARNING: Be careful when editing the Registry ! You are the only one that will have to deal with the consequences !!

    Good luck!

    Sorin Solomon

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      Re: Removing VMWare Workstaion 4 from XP PC

      Thread move to the appropriate Forum.
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        Re: Removing VMWare Workstaion 4 from XP PC

        Add/Remove Programs came to us first in August 1995 with the release of Windows 95. We've been using the feature for nearly 13 years (especially if you're a terminal services/citrix administrator). I feel goofy even suggesting it to people who have any sort of technical background.

        The Windows registry has been around longer than that albeit in a different format and not as much purpose in the Windows 3.x days.
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