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  • vmware cpu options

    i have a new server with "intel core 2 quad q6600 2.40ghz" cpu. i finished installing server 2003
    as my host and i see 4 cpu cores in task manager>performance>cpu usage history.

    yet when i install vmware workstation and in the vmware i install 3 2003 servers i have only one cpu per server.
    how can i see all 4 core in the 2003 servers that are installed within the vmware ws ?

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    Re: vmware cpu options

    You need to add more vSMP processors to each of your VMs but the maximum number of vSMP CPUs you can assign in VMware Workstation is 2, not 4 (see page 38 of the document below). So the max number of processors each of your guest VMs may have is 2.

    also see page 367 of the documentation for some important notes.

    Just as an FYI, 2 way vSMP is documented as experimental at this point in time on the VMware Server product.
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      Re: vmware cpu options

      i dont really have 4 cpu. only 4 core that are using 1 cpu. therefore i think that vmware cant
      take advantge of the 4 core. vmware task manager see only one cpu and one core (i mark 2 cpu option in the vm). the host see all 4 cores. see attached
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