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2nd .VMDK file is growing?

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  • 2nd .VMDK file is growing?

    Hello All,

    I'm using VMserver and I have a VM named VMSERVER01. I made it about 50gb. I've created other VMs, but have never seen another .VMDK file created by itself (?), as in my case.

    This is the scenerio:

    VMSERVER01-000001.vmdk = 28GB.
    This is the file seems to have been created.
    Last modified date = today

    VMSERVER01-flat.vmdk = original file (52gb)
    This is what I had originally created.
    Last modified = 3 weeks ago

    Could a file have been created by itself?
    New York City

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    Re: 2nd .VMDK file is growing?

    You have taken a snapshot of your VM. The snapshot process will freeze one .vmdk file for read only mode and create a new file that grows in 16MB increments which contains disk writes. The snapshot file (the 000001.vmdk file) will continue to grow forever until it runs the host out of disk space or until it gets so large it corrupts. You had better take care of it because it has already gotten out of hand by growing several GBs in size. It sounds like it has been in snapshot mode for 3 weeks. You will want to "Remove Snapshot" from the VMware Server console. Although you can do this while powered on, your snapshot is so huge that I would recommend shutting down your VM first, backing up the VM folder, and then "Remove Snapshot" through the VMware Server console under the Snapshot pulldown menu. There is a chance it could corrupt at that size. Removing the snapshot will commit the 28 GB of data to the 52GB .vmdk file so it will take quite a while to commit. Be patient.

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      Re: 2nd .VMDK file is growing?

      Thanks Jason, that worked perfectly. Now I have my 50GB file and only that. Excellent advice.
      New York City


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        Re: 2nd .VMDK file is growing?

        Actually from my experience the snapshot file cannot grow larger than the original vmdk itself, once it hits the original size (50gb) it will start overwriting the ildest changes.

        Anyway, as Jason says, committing such a large file can take a huge amount of time (a few hours) which is not healthy for your system.

        As VMware will always tell you... (and I am hearing day in and day out) - snapshots are not to be kept for more than a few days on production systems.
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