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  • Disc management help

    I have been able to find plenty of information on increasing the size of your virtual disk but I am having trouble finding any information on reducing the size of the virtual disk. The machine is running 4 VServers and has only 4 gigs left of total space. The Vserver I want to reduce the size of is using currently 7 gigs of a 40 gig partition. All machines are 2003 servers VMware workstation 5.5.
    Any help would be really appreciated.

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    Re: Disc management help

    Shrinking is not nearly as easy as expanding, especially if the volume you're dealing with contains a Windows operating system boot/system partition.

    Take a look at the following URL for methods:
    VCDX3 #34, VCDX4, VCDX5, VCAP4-DCA #14, VCAP4-DCD #35, VCAP5-DCD, VCPx4, vEXPERTx4, MCSEx3, MCSAx2, MCP, CCAx2, A+ - VMware Virtualization Evangelist
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      Re: Disc management help

      Thank you. We actually ended up creating a backup of the necessary files, created a new drive on the virtual machine, restored the files to the new drive, and switched the drive letters so that the new virtual drive was the same letter as the original then deleted the original. Once this has been tested to make sure it still is working fine the new machine configuration will be converted over to a new VM and the original deleted. If we messed up somewhere we will have to try one of the methods you linked to. Thanks again for your response.


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        Re: Disc management help

        i have used knoppix and QTparted to change the size of the virtual HD. reduce it down to the size it allows, then reboot. XP will do a diskscan, and then the virtual has a smaller hard drive. clone the virtual to a template, create a new virtual with the new disk size from the template, then delete the olds after the new work right.

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