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How to create a multi-site environment

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  • How to create a multi-site environment

    Firstly I want to make all of you sure that I've searched the forum about creating a multi-site environment for testing purposes.

    I'm am currently working on a school project and I really don't know much about vmware (I use VM workstation), besides installing it and running different machines or teams in it and at last letting communicating the machines with each other on a private network.

    The school project is all about creating a multi site infrastructure. To deploy an w2k3 server as a primary domain controller situated in , say Paris, and 2 other w2k3 servers in London and Rome. At this moment I'm not sure how to create these so called branch offices in vmware and simulating these wan connections

    I have read this article and I would be pleased if anyone could tell me how to start with setting up almost the exact thing that Jason did.

    With kind regards,

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    Re: How to create a multi-site environment

    Creating any environment in ESX is fairly easy. But in order to do proper test you need to decide what the 'real' scenario is going to look like. I'd personally get couple of routers to create VPN's between sites and just have normal domain controllers (+gc) in each.
    in ESX create 3 separate Networks and just route trafic between them to simulate 'real lif e scenario'. If you need more help on VM part , shout.
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      Re: How to create a multi-site environment

      OP, please see

      Let us know if you have any questions after that.

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