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Virtual Win98 machine?

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  • Virtual Win98 machine?

    As VMWare Converter doesn't run in Win 98, is there anyway to create a VM machine from a 98 laptop?

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    Re: Virtual Win98 machine?

    If you have access to Symantec Ghost you can make an image and then convert it.



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      Re: Virtual Win98 machine?

      Hi! I got to this forums and this thread searching on google about how to do this same thing. So I'm embarking on this journey, and perhaps we can help each other here.

      As general guideline I'm using info found on this thread from the VMWare community forums: Converting Windows 98. There's a guy who said he was able to do so via ghost and virtual pc, so that's the way I'm going to give it a try too.

      This is what he wrote on that thread:
      Actually, the "Use Ghost" approach was the approach suggested by Microsoft when using Virtual PC and it was the way I was finally able to move the Win98 machine to VMWare. I burned the Win98 image using Ghost to a DVD and then booted to the Ghost CD when I started the VM. I then used Ghost to build the VM disk image and all was well.

      Here's what I've done so far:
      1. Pulled the Win 98 hard drive from the PC and installed on a Win XP Pro PC.
      2. Installed Ghost 12 trial edition and created a "One Time Backup" of the win98 hdd
      3. Installed MS Virtual PC 2007

      Okay, so I have the .sv2i and .v2i files created by Ghost, so the next step would be to burn the image to a DVD, but at this point I really don't understand the next steps.

      So I'll do that now and post back as I go along with the process...


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        Re: Virtual Win98 machine?

        Okay, the GHOST approach proved to be too much of a hassle.

        The trial version of GHOST 12 does have an option to convert the image to vmware, but it is disabled and reserved for a licensed version, so that was out of my intentions.

        Then I created a new win 98 virtual machine on vmware and learned (I'm a newbie on this vmware stuff) that I can cd-boot the virtual machine, so this lighted a spark and gave me the answer (at least in theory) on how to apply previous knowledge to accomplish what I want.

        So, I'm going to try it right now and then I'll publish the steps on how to do it.
        Some things are for sure:
        1. I won't use GHOST
        2. I won't use Virtual PC
        3. I won't spend a dime on any license.

        So, I hope that I can give you a definitive how-to guide on my next post

        edit: I forgot to mention that I tried to convert with vmware the (sv2i) files that ghost created, but it threw an error stating that it couldn't recognize the format, so that wasn't the way either.
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          Re: Virtual Win98 machine?

          Why don't you use vmware converter, it has support for ghost image files. And you still need to convert from physical hardware to virtual hardware.



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            Re: Virtual Win98 machine?

            Hello Aussiebob, I did tried to use vmware converter, but it said the format was unknown.

            Anyway, I finally was able to pull the trick, I've managed to convert a physical win98 pc to a vmware virtual machine. I've used a different approach, it wasn't very straightforward, and it is certainly not easy for non tech-savvy people.
            1. Create the image using PING (Partimage Is Not Ghost) a free tool to create backup images.
            2. Make a bootable recovery DVD for the image.
            3. Create a new win98 virtual machine on vmware.
            4. Boot the vm with the bootable DVD and restore the image to the vm

            Explaining the procedures for points 1 & 2 go well beyond the scope of this post, but in the site there's plenty of information on how to do it, as well as support forums.

            I'm no expert at this, and I spent the whole day struggling with that, but if someone needs some advice I'll try to help.