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Converter agent issue

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  • Converter agent issue

    I have the latest version of Converter installed, however upon start-up I get "warning: VMWare Converter agent is not running. You may not be able to use the full features offered by the application" I have tried re-installing but I always have the same issue (running Win XP SP2). Any ideas?

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    Re: Converter agent issue

    I am getting the same error and when trying to find a solution to the problem I found this thread.
    I have however also come across the following possible reason on

    "Converter Agent might not run after installation and reboot on Windows 2000 and Windows NT4
    On certain slow machines, you might get a error stating the Converter Agent is not running when you attempt to launch it. Windows Service Control Manager has timed out after 30 seconds. Workaround: Set the ServicePipeTimeout value under HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlset\Control to 120000 (120 seconds)."

    I haven't tried it yet but it could work for as I am trying to convert win2000 on an old/slow machine ... they don't however mention anything about Win XP which you say you're running. Still, it is an idea.


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      Re: Converter agent issue

      To be honest, I still prefer the legacy P2V Assistant product over Converter. Sorry for those of you who missed out on it - it's no longer licensed currently.

      Converter is getting somewhat better but I still don't like the fact that it creates thick .vmdk files that are significantly less compressable than P2V created .VMDKs.

      As far as your issue, I'm sorry I don't know what the issue is but stay tuned to the VMware Community forum dedicated to VMware Converter and you're likely to run into a host of other people who have probably seen the same issue.

      Petri VMware forum is good but lacks the broad user coverage for really obscure issues like this one which the VMware Community forums will have. I try to bring as much knowledge from that forum to this forum as I can as I have time. I would like to see this forum grow.

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        Re: Converter agent issue

        I mentioned above that I wanted to change the timeout value ... it didn't work.

        But I did manage to start vmware converter with the agent by switching it on manually (Win2k professional):
        control panel - administrative tools - services - vmware converter - service status 'start' (for whatever reason it showed 'stopped') ... as I'm not converting physical machines every day that's good enough for me.