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problem installing VMware tools

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  • problem installing VMware tools

    i work with VMware GSX server 3.2 and i have install 4 server 2003 , i know how to install VMware tools but ihave problem with it , the moment i install the tools they show me compatibility issue with the operating system in the past i worked with VMware workstation and i didn't have problem so can any one tell me what is the problem now please

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    Re: problem installing VMware tools

    Why are you using GSX? Why not its much newer, much more current replacement, VMware Server 2.x ?

    do the tools work or not work?

    what is the compatibility error?
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      Re: problem installing VMware tools

      Because VMware Server 2.0 is beta. But yeah, the OP should be using VMware Server 1.0.4 at a minimum.

      To the OP: Show us an error message and maybe we can give you a reason why. Without an error message, we can only speculate and that's a waste of time.
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