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Need add more space to an existing VM

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  • Need add more space to an existing VM

    Hey Jason and James,

    I'm running WinXP Pro in VMWare Workstation 6. It's currently 2GB and I'm slowly running out of space. I just want to make sure I'm correct in saying the following:

    1. I would need to delete all previous snapshots of the machine (I don't know what it means to commit a snapshot).

    2. I would need to run the command "vmware-vdiskmanager -x 5GB whatever.vmdk", but from where do I run this command? A command prompt in the Program Files\VMWare directory?

    3. I would not be able to expand the c:\ drive (which is the only one I have now) since it's the boot drive, so I would have to create a new partition?

    Is all the above correct? I remember reading once before that it's much more complicated than simply runnning a command line. I remember something about ghosting the machine and then creating a new bigger one and throwing the image on there.

    Please advise. Thanks

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    Re: Need add more space to an existing VM

    Good day kingbear2

    Here's an answer that I have just used (15 mins ago) to increase a SBS 2003 virtual disk size - I was surprised as I thought that SBS may not like the change, as it has blue screened when doing a similar procedure on a physical disk. Worked a treat (VMWare is awesome..) - from the VMWare web site:

    Virtual Disk Size

    Q: How do I increase the size of virtual disks in either VMware Workstation or VMware GSX Server?

    A: By using Norton Ghost to increase the virtual disk size.


    To increase the disk size of the virtual machine, you need to have Norton Ghost or a Norton Ghost bootable floppy disk or image and sufficient disk space. Here's how it's done:

    Power off the virtual machine.

    Add a new HDD to the virtual machine with the new size that you need to expand to. (Note: the new HDD {Virtual device node - ide/scsi} type should be configured same as source HDD)

    Create a Norton Ghost dos boot floppy, by clicking on: Ghost utilities > Norton ghost boot wizard > standard ghost boot disk

    Power on the virtual machine and boot using the newly created ghost boot disk.
    When the virtual machine boots and starts the Ghost application, select the Local disk-to-disk option.

    Select the first drive (the existing smaller HDD) as the source disk and second drive (the newly added bigger HDD) as destination disk.

    Ghost will now transfer your existing data to the new HDD that you have defined.

    Power off the virtual machine when Ghost completes its process of copying, and remove the floppy disk from the floppy drive.

    Now using the VMware Configuration Editor, remove the smaller HDD and power on the virtual machine.

    The above steps can be used for increasing disk sizes of SCSI to SCSI and ide to ide HDD. Remember that your old smaller HDD disk file still exists in the host machine, and it may need to be deleted manually.


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      Re: Need add more space to an existing VM

      I agree with Shaun... Using an imaging utility for boot partitions is the way to fly. If not, you will still end up having to use another utility to extend the partion. It's just a cleaner way of doing it, and it's not terribly difficult.