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P2V and host os recommendation

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  • P2V and host os recommendation

    Hi guys,
    kinda green to this.
    However I have successfully ran p2v conversion (Physical to Virtual) handful of boxes that are somewhat lite duty that act as servers for some apps in my datacenter which are mix of Xp pro and win2k pro. (want to free up some space and save some electricity. ) Can also redeploy the pcs
    I have a spare 1U dell 850 Server that's basically doing nothing. It has win2k3 r2 std server os on it and was thinking about throwing VMware server on top of that and run my virtual machines that I have converted on to vm server . I was thinking though, to free up more resources perhaps run a stripped down version of linux such as centos for the host instead then running the vmserver on top of that. Currently the resources in that server are (2) 250GB sata drives 2.8 Ghz Xenon Chip and I think at least 2GB of ram. I can easily up the ram with no probs (cheap enough) or should I just leave the host os as win2k3 server?
    I also want to manage / administrate this easy as can be too Not sure if installing centos as host would be easy with drivers etc as that I have never done. 100% Windows Shop But I liek to try to think out of the box now and then to get to a solution.

    any hints,tips, trick or comments are welcomes. ( I am in no way a linux veteran but know just a bit to be dangerous) (which is not that much )

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    Re: P2V and host os recommendation

    CentOS is just a clone of RHEL, so everything RH supports, will be in the CentOS kernel as well. Dell is generally OK with linux. though since it is an 850 (an SC server) there is no proper raid controller there - just a fakeraid. So if you plan on using raid 1 there - just use mdadm and not he built in controller.

    vmware/xen/vituabox are all very easy to install on Centos, there are detailed guides on

    also, another good idea, if you're up to the task would be to download and run Solaris - they have their own virtualization solution, which should be pretty close to ESX and is totally free. haven't tried it myself, but the *NIX forums are all covered with their banners
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