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add more space to an existing virtual machine

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  • add more space to an existing virtual machine

    hi all

    i have vmware gsx
    when i create a new virtual machine
    i configure it to a specific size.
    is there is a way to give it after the os installation a bigger size.
    and/or another partiotion?


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    Re: add more space to an existing virtual machine

    the command will look like the line below, of course your command will look different because i dont think you have a virtual named 'whatever'

    vmware-vdiskmanager -x 5GB whatever.vmdk
    you will also have to commit all snapshots (or delete them) before you will be allowed to expand the disk.

    it is always advisable to backup your virtuals PRIOR to expanding the disk. also, be patient as this operation may take a while... it may take a while to commit snapshots or deleting them, also... just a heads-up.

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      Re: add more space to an existing virtual machine

      1. Run, don't walk, to get yourself upgraded to the free product VMware Server. Current version is 1.0.4. Various reasons to do this.

      2. Once you've extended your virtual disk on the host, you'll still need to extend the partition (or create an additional partition) inside your VM. If this is a Windows VM, you can easily extend the partition using the diskpart.exe utility. One caveat: You can't extend the boot partition.

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