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Vmware servers

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  • Vmware servers

    Hai all,
    I am new this forum and hope that i will get solution for my problem,which i am facing vmware server console.
    Before that i am new to this vmware ( Virtualisation).In my lab we are running the vmware server console.In that 12 windows 2003 servers are running.I need to monitor all those server.people are doing rdp to connect to those servers.
    Sometimes user are saying they are not able to the rdp.during that time if i am trying to get into Vmware host machine thro vmware server console,i am not able to look like hang state.
    I want to know the reason why it is happemning.what i want do during this time.Still now i am stopping three to four vmware Guest machines and starting one by one.
    help me to sort out this issue.

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    Re: Vmware servers

    machine specs please.

    how much RAM do you have under the hood?

    what are these virtuals doing?

    are people trying to connect to multiple VMs at the same time?

    what is the network interface on the host system looking like? is it maxed?

    do some perfmon-ing and let us know what it looks like during one of these episodes when you cannot connect.

    do you get the same response with VNC? i use VNC to manage my linux virtuals, since RDP isnt viable, so maybe you could install VNC on one of the problem virtuals and try to connect whilst the problem is occurring, to rule out windows problems...

    what is the host OS? what version of VM?

    info, info, info....
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      Re: Vmware servers

      Hai haynes,
      Thanks for your interest.I answered your question
      1.That Host machine is having the 32 gb of Ram.And all guest machines are having 2 gb of Ram.
      2.All these guset machineds are acting as a server.
      3.Yes.Each guest machines are accessed different group peoples.Min 15 peoples per group.
      4.No it seems like normal in host macchine.But it is difficult to fing that Virtual machines during hanging state.
      5.Host OS win2003 ent version.Vmware 1.0.4 build56528

      Hope this answers will help you.