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VCP310: Second Sitting Advice!

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  • VCP310: Second Sitting Advice!


    I'm new to this forum which I found referenced from the WMWare community forums (where I've also posted a version of this but things are really slow there).

    I've been in IT about 20 years, MCSE at NT4 (haven't taken any further MCSE's yet but plan to) and in April did my first VMWare course. Since then I have built a VMWare farm where I was working and managed another. I use VMWare server at home to host a strategic space gaming system and the same on my PC to dev the same game system and test out various flavours of Linux. I have to say I think VMWare is absolutely awesome.

    Currently I am "between jobs" having taken redundancy and I've been using to time to look for work & study and VMWare seemed a good choice so I've been studying both CBT's and documentation and took my VCP310 exam last Thursday. Unfortunately I failed (66%) but I plan on getting straight back in with another exam, probably this coming week but I want to know if anyone has any advice concerning second try VMWare exams (VCP310).

    The usual advice seems to be read a subset of the available PDF documents and just live & breathe VMWare (which I am already doing) ... I've downloaded Daniel Petri's flashcard questions (thanks) and bought a downloadable version of "RapidApp's Quick Start guide to ESX 3.0" (I'd have preferred a real copy but I want to take the exam again this week and, it being Christmas n' al, I doubt a real copy would reach me in time). I was using a CBT but, having been through it twice, I'm not sure how much further use it can be to me.

    Microsoft exams are, as far as I know, based on a random selection (of say 80 questions from a bigger pool of questions, say about 200) and I am curious to know if that's what the VMWare test is like. I mean are there likely to be many of the same questions that I had on on my first exam? Are they likely to be harder, easier or much the same?

    Forewarned is forearmed so any guidance would be greatly appreciated (I can also be contacted on vampyreuk ~AT~ gmail ~DOT~ com).

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    Re: VCP310: Second Sitting Advice!

    I've taken both VMware ESX exams.

    Odds are with 80+ questions on the exam, you will see several questions from the exam you failed.

    To maintain exam integrity, nobody can tell you for sure what questions you'll get on your 2nd sitting. Learn the product as best you can and the test questions won't be an issue. (be sure to study hard on cluster features DRS, HA, VMotion, SAN, NAS, ISCSI, NFS)

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