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Monitoring and restarting from Cmd Line

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  • Monitoring and restarting from Cmd Line

    For some unknown reason one of three VM running on Win Server 2003 in thier own Fedora 2.6.X environments does a shutdown (I guess) and when it does, a web server is lost. I found on this site, the discussion on vmrum command (it was well explained) and would like to have a scheduled script execute to test if the VMs are running and to restart them if they are not. I am not a Window's person (been UNIX all my days since 197 and would like to script a test/restart job for placing in the platform's schedule. Is there anyone out there that thinks they can training an ole dog a new trick (scripting method)?
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    Re: Monitoring and restarting from Cmd Line

    Check the vmware-cmd or the run command to getstate.

    Script the rest based on the results.
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