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Windows 2003/Vmserver practice

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  • Windows 2003/Vmserver practice

    I just took the first Windows 2003 Server class and they used a VM server/Windows 2003 setup to practice the labs. Can anyone please explain to me how I can setup the same kind of lab using the Vm server on a home external hard drive. I'm not quite sure what is used and how I can complete a viable, inexpensive setup to practice all aspects of setting up a small server based network. Thanks.

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    Re: Windows 2003/Vmserver practice

    its just that simple.

    set up an instance of VMware on a 2003 box...

    create a virtual DC. you have 2 options to create the network:
    a)make a host only network, effectively isolating the servers and client in your test network
    b)create a bridged network connection allowing the virtuals full access to the internet

    you also have the option of a NATed network or a custom, but they are basically variations of the other 2 setups... (with some minor differences)

    once you have your DC, then create other stations as needed to accommodate the other instances.

    in my little test network, i have 2 DCs (one with RADUIS and SolarWinds), an exchange BE and FE, 1 box doing FTP and web, and 2 client stations (one simulating a public kiosk and a second for the end user). i also have a SUSE 10 box for playing with samba, but thats just for fun.

    one caveat to a bridged network...

    if you have DHCP assigning your addresses and you bring another DC online (in your test domain) you will see this new domain in the domain list, and ultimately the workstations in your org, so if you dont want that, then you need to isolate them...
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