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How to know Host name from guest

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  • How to know Host name from guest

    Hi to all,
    i wish to know if ther is a way to know the host name or ip address from within the guest OS ( windows 2003 in my case ).
    I use vmware server on windws 2003 with a lot of VMs and i want run a script ( to backup VM that shutdown the VM copy the VM to another location, restart the VM and then Zip the VM copied ) from guest VMs to Host ( with psexec or similar ). I've 4 vmware server that in turn take on the VMs so i don't know from Guest who is the Host that it's running the VM.

    Thanks in advanced

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    Re: How to know Host name from guest

    i guess it would help to know what kinda net connections you have created: bridged or NAT...

    i am assuming bridged.

    lemme restate what i think your trying to ask...

    you have a virtual called (for sake of discussion) running on, and you would like to know how to identify the host via that virtual?

    like asking vcomp1 "who is your daddy?"

    am i understanding that?
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      Re: How to know Host name from guest

      I do not know a lot about VM's, but I'm gonna venture a guess to his question.

      Isn't it always true that when you have shared folders enabled, "\\.host\" will always get you to the host machine, so you may not necessarily need to know the IP address, just use "\\.host\" as the patch for the backup.

      Would that work?