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Making Network in windows using vmware

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  • Making Network in windows using vmware

    Hi Admin/All,

    I have install vmware latest version on my window2003 server as OS base for vmware. Inside my vmware i have installed to virtual machine win2000professional & winxp.
    now i want to make my virtual machine's in network with my base OS win2003 server. so i can learn networking and administration.
    SO please can anyone guide me step by step how to make a network in vmware.
    i am novice for vmware.

    Please guide me, thanks in advance ....

    Thanks & Regards,
    Imran Khan

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    Re: Making Network in windows using vmware

    Hi Imran Khan,

    As long as all of these systems are on vmnet0, the bridged network, these are all just regular PC's on your network.

    So think of it as you having just 3 Windows PC's you want to network.

    Thus, this becomes a basic windows networking question, not a vmware question.

    In general, you would put them all in the same workgroup or domain (if you have a DC).

    Hope that helps...
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