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OS not found?

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  • OS not found?

    Hey guys, i dont know much about any versions of linux so i decided to download a ubuntu linux VM for my windows xp so i can learn about it. i followed all of mr. petri's instructions on how to install the VM onto my computer, but its not working quite the way he has it. i configured the file to all of the right specs that i wanted it to, but when i open it into the vm player, it loads, but says that the OS could not be found. NOTE : i am installing ubuntu 6.06 LTS, not 6.10, not sure if that would make a difference in installation, downloaded this version because its what my sister and dad use.

    if anyone could help me please post...thanks.

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    Re: OS not found?

    well, how far did you get thru it before things started not working?

    im not familiar with ubuntu but they are all the same really... its based on the 2.6 kernel, yes?

    at what point do you get the OS not found error?

    1st: is the CD bootable? verify this by placing the CD in a machine, not the virtual, and verify that the .iso image you have is bootable.

    2nd: are you trying to use SCSi or IDE virtual drives? i have a problem with Knoppix 5.1 and the virtual SCSi drive, but i never isolated the reason... not really important.

    3rd: you did set the Vbios to boot from CD, right?

    4th: have you even seen the anaconda loader?

    im just a little lost at where youre stuck on this install. is the install not booting, or is the freshly installed copy not booting?

    please clarify and it will help us to solve your problem...
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