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Base Operating System for ESX

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  • Base Operating System for ESX

    Hi All,

    We are looking at purchasing ESX for our production network but want to know if anyone has any preference on the OS that ESX actually runs on?

    The servers themselves are Dell 2950's with lots of memory and CPU's but should we look at using Enterprise or Datacentre does ESX get any benefits from either version?



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    Re: Base Operating System for ESX

    ESX sits on bare metal- it is an OS in itself. You don't install it on Windows.

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      Re: Base Operating System for ESX

      jon.garret you have ESX confused with VMWare Server. VMWare Server can be installed on a Windows OS or a Linux Server. ESX runs its own bare-metal Kernel.

      ESX is more robust and the product of choice for corporate/data center environments. Its not Free, but like I like to say "you get what you pay for"

      I run VMWare server in my LAB environment, and run over 120 ESX servers in Production..