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Is VMWare a true "Sandbox" system?

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  • Is VMWare a true "Sandbox" system?

    I have two servers I am wanting to get programmers/developers using remotely.
    Here is my problem:
    1) The developers uses different versions of third party .dlls, these dll's are registered in the HKLM register, which step all over someone else.


    Can VMWare isolate each user remotely into their own "sandbox" configuration, if not can anyone suggest options for me?

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    Re: Is VMWare a true "Sandbox" system?

    You could use VMware Server to create a separate guest machine for each of your developers. Nothing that a developer does on one guest should be able to affect things like DLLs that are running on a different guest. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish this should keep your developers from being able to step on each other but it can make collaboration more difficult.