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Installing XP Pro via VI client on ESX 3.0

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  • Installing XP Pro via VI client on ESX 3.0

    Hi there
    Having a bit of a problem.
    Have used ESX server 2.0 and have created various vm's using various platforms, all through the web based mgt console.
    However, I now am using ESX server 3.0 and have use of the VI client.
    All I want to do is create a simple XP Pro vm but for some reason when the XP cd loads and asks if I want to install XP then press enter, it then says no disks were found and cannot continue.
    I have created a virtual disk as part of the vm creation, I can even see the vmdk file on the server in the correct folder but for some reason the XP install cannot see it.
    I am clearly doing something wrong or not doing something I should be doing but for the life of me I can't see it. I have deleted and re-created the vm twice, followed the wizard but cannot see what I'm not doing right.

    Any advice?



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    Re: Installing XP Pro via VI client on ESX 3.0

    Here is a link to a thread on VMNT where a user experienced the same problem. It sounds like a required SCSI driver is not included by default on the XP install media and needs to be manually inserted during the install.

    Good Luck.


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      Re: Installing XP Pro via VI client on ESX 3.0

      Thats it exactly but would you believe the Buslogic driver is actually already stored on the ESX server?

      You can configure the v floppy to start in vmimages\floppies, where the necessary driver is stored; after that is installed via F6 XP Pro can see the v disk.

      Cheers bud