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RE: "Installation Requirements for VMware ESX Server 3.0"

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  • RE: "Installation Requirements for VMware ESX Server 3.0"

    In the acticle "Installation Requirements for VMware ESX Server 3.0", David Davis mentioned that ESX cannot be run inside a Virtual environment.

    However, I have seen this done. It works great for getting familiar with the product, but really doesn't have any production benefit.


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    Re: "Installation Requirements for VMware ESX Server 3.0"

    Hi John

    I am glad that you are reading the knowledgebase articles!

    After I wrote that article, VMware Workstation version 6 came out. With WS ver 6, VMware made it possible to run ESX inside WS.

    According to the documentation, this sounds very doable and very useful!

    I have corrected the article with the latest information and will be posting a follow up soon. If you get a chance to try it, let us know what you thought as well.

    Thanks for reading the Petri KB!
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