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Installing VMWare on Fedora Core 5 to run Windows Virtually

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  • Installing VMWare on Fedora Core 5 to run Windows Virtually

    Hi I am having a bit of a problem figuring out which version of VMware to install (either VMware Player or Server) I have tried to install VMware Player on Fedora Core 5 already but was pretty much stuck at the beginning. I just do not know even how to start. What I am wanting to do is run Fedora for my main OS (Fedora Core 5) but be able to have the ability to run Windows XP virtually so that I can run those exclusively Windows programs. I am a familiar with Windows and I have about four months experience with Linux so needless to say I am still a newbie with Linux. I have been running it the other way around Linux with VMware Player in Windows. I was getting to the point where I really liked Linux better than Windows. So I converted my Windows machine using VMware Converter. This enabled me to run my Windows XP machine with VMware player as a virtual machine. That works fine so all I have to do is install VMware Server or Player into Fedora and I have everything that I need to start running Windows virtually.
    I am running a
    Dell Latitude 120L
    Fedora Core 5
    Intel Pentium M 1.73GHz processor
    60GB Hard Drive
    1.5GB Ram
    Dell Wireless 1370 WLAN Mini PCI
    BroadCom 440 X 10/100 Integrated
    if I am missing something that you might need let me know,

    So if my jumbled mess made any sense I really would appreciate the help. I did try to look for previous topics on this issue, but if I did miss it I am sorry and if it is not to much trouble just post the link to the forum I will get the idea. Thanks again...
    Bradley Roth

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    Re: Installing VMWare on Fedora Core 5 to run Windows Virtually


    I am currently running VMWare Server on Centos4 in my home network. I have played with Windows VM's a bit and everything worked fine. Really had no need for Windows since in VMWare my site is all *nix based and I only use Windows at work or when playing games I also run VMWare Server at work on a server as a test platform, it is all Windows based and runs fine.

    I would start by going to VMWare and registering for a free download and key for VMWare server

    One thing to note is in the Linux Documentation for VMWare it says you need X installed. This is 100% true I tried to run a text only system and it didn't work. But after the install you can set Linux to boot into Single-User Mode (No GUI) and it works fine if you wish.

    Another option may be Xen Source depending on what you have for computers and what you would like to do with the Virtual Systems. Xen is another type of Virtaul Server which is OSS or Purchased for Large Enterprises. (One draw-back, to run Windows VM's your system board/processor MUST support VT)

    Hope this helps,

    Hope this helps.


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