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  • VMware Fusion

    Has anyone heard about VMware Fusion?

    No, not nuclear fusion but VMware Fusion

    This is essentially VMware Workstation for Mac OS X, as I understand it. It is currently in beta.

    This product is going to compete with SWSoft's Parallels Desktop which is also like "VMware Workstation for Mac". Parallels is a great product and it is made by the folks who make Virtuozzo, virtualization sw.

    So what I am wondering, I suppose, is how many of you out there have a Mac as your primary or alternate system? And, if so, would you be interested in using a VMware product to run Windows or other operating systems on that Mac?

    At first glance, I am interested in writing some articles about this product but then I wonder - how many of the Petri forum members actually use a Mac and would even care??

    I will post a poll on this email for easy voting...
    I am interested in VMware Fusion
    Mac OS X - I don't use it and don't care about VMware Fusion
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    Re: VMware Fusion

    I do support mac's and this may help solve some of my clients issues sometime in the future. I am going to check it out soon. I'll let you know.
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      Re: VMware Fusion

      Not interested in MACs. Already got a full plate with Wintel, VMware ESX, and Citrix.
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