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Setting up ISA server Lab using VMWare

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  • Setting up ISA server Lab using VMWare


    I need help setting up a vmware isa server lab. I cannot get the isa server to access the internet, I have a allow everything rule. I think my problem is with the VMnets and Ethernet card setup.

    Has anyone ever setup a lab using vmware and isa server 2004?

    If so can you please help me with the vmware setups, I used vmware everyday, but have never had these problems, because I always just use bridged connections and not vmnets.



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    Re: Setting up ISA server Lab using VMWare


    I did not do that before, but intersted to know the answer for that.

    I think you need fine tunning nothing more. Can you ping the internet from the ISA server?
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      Re: Setting up ISA server Lab using VMWare

      shouldnt be that difficult... do you have other virtuals that can access the internet?

      start with one of those... look at how it is connected. what is the VLAN ID assigned to the virtual? now what vswitch is is hooked up to?

      create a new virtual and connect it to the vswitch like the other virtuals. verify that you have internet connectivity. now simply add another net card and configure the second vswitch. this new vswitch is where the test lab will be "plugged" in, and the virtual with the two net cards will be your ISA server, effectivly proxying all connections from the new vswitch to the internet...
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        Re: Setting up ISA server Lab using VMWare

        Can you please provide some information?

        What VMware product are you using?

        If this is a hosted product, what host OS platform is being used?

        How many physical PNICs in your host?

        Which PNIC(s) are connected to the internet?

        Can your host ping the internet? If so, which PNIC is it's gateway?

        How are the PNIC(s) configured and assigned in VMware?

        How many virtual NICs are in your ISA VM?

        Which VMNets are your virtual NICs in the ISA VM tied to?

        Display ipconfig /all for the host

        Display tracert from the host

        Display ipconfig /all for the ISA VM

        Display tracert from the ISA VM

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