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esx server - backup of the service console

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  • esx server - backup of the service console

    Hi Guys,

    Here's a simple question:

    What does someone that doesn't know enough about linux do when he wants to backup the service console of his preinstalled preconfigured esx server setup.

    I'm comfortable with backing up the machines themselves so that's one thing less to think about.

    However, if my server crashed tomorrow (god I hope it doesn't...), is there any way I restore my service console?


    Tamir Doron
    Melbourne Australia

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    Re: esx server - backup of the service console

    Does that person need to find a new job?


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      Re: esx server - backup of the service console

      do you mean just a back up of the ESX host installation? this is not a problem, and can be accomplished with any decent backup software. plug an external hard drive in the media tray and run ghost or acronis... it is relativly simple and doesnt take long either... or maybe its cause my drives are all fiber and span 5 disks.

      dont back up to the array.

      either way, this is not hard to accomplish.
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        Re: esx server - backup of the service console

        You usually don't back up or restore ESX service consoles. Anyone can rebuild an ESX server faster than it can be restored. Make sure your documentation is bullet proof. The more scripted/automated your build process is, the faster you can bring your server up. I can deploy a fully configured, tuned, and patched ESX server in about 30 minutes and that is without imaging.

        If you only have 1 ESX server and you're worried about the outage, again I will point out that you can rebuild an ESX server faster than you can restore it, especially if you are not *nix savvy. Whether you futz around for 1 hour restoring your ESX server or spend 1 hour rebuilding it, it makes no difference. To the end user, your server is down for an hour.

        Secondly, if you only have one ESX host and thus a single point of failure, shame on you. Get a 2nd host up with a SAN or dirt cheap iSCSI shared storage so that you can minimize down time with VMotion and HA.

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          Re: esx server - backup of the service console

          Hi Jason,

          Thanks very much for your reply. This is exactly what I was hoping to hear. I had a feeling that starting to backup and then restore the service console is a complete overkill.

          I really appreciate you taking the time to write your advice. I think what you said about the restore process having to be bullet proof is a gold advice and is the key to a successful restore and a good night sleep.

          Thanks again,