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where is the cache or data?

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  • where is the cache or data?

    so i had some problems with the ESX virtual center server (see other thread) and i needed to make some more disk space. i was forced to delete some virtuals via SSH logged in as root. again, i only didthis because there was no drive space available on the LUN i was going to add a disk on, see?

    so i SSH'ed in, seleted the virtual folders of the non-nessasary and "rm * -R"'ed them and was able to reclaim space...

    so the only problem is now i have remnents of these deleted machine. where do i go to clean upo the info on the VSC? it still has records of my Fedora box, but its gone... also a windows 2003 server. says orphaned by one and disconnected by another...

    thanks if anyone know this one... im cant figure it out yet.
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