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ESX 3.x Virtual Center Server

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  • ESX 3.x Virtual Center Server

    i have a virtual center server (win3002 std.) that i use to maintain the other virtual servers. it contains the SQL db for the servers...

    it seems that the db grows to really big sizes when things get busy... is this right?i hav a 10 gig vDrive for the vcs and i was thinking that would be sufficent. my SQL drive is 5 gigs by itself...

    i have assigned another drive to the vcs and am relocating that database onto the new drive. that makes 20 gigs ive alloted to the vcs...

    im guess im just wondering what everyone else is using for a vcs...

    thanks. james...
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    Re: ESX 3.x Virtual Center Server

    We are in the process of buying Virtual Center right now so I haven't had experience with this.

    Please let me know if you get an answer to this as I could be soon having this problem in the future.

    Has anyone else out there had this issue?

    Thanks for the post!

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      Re: ESX 3.x Virtual Center Server

      just to update,

      i detached the db files (i guess you detach db's to relocate in 2005... im just mastering sql 2000, sheesh) and changed the path back to the newly created drive.

      the size of the database is about 5.5 gigs now, and i dont see it growing very much... they havent grown to over 6 yet, but i dont know cause at one point the drive was full. what i do see is when i large amount of changes are made to the virtuals, or one is being created while making changes, they get larger. like the tlogs are getting bigger while these changes are being made? i didnt set up the database on this virtual so im not sure how it was set up. this ESX thing does do a lot of logging. some one logged on, some loged off, someone pushed the shift key. gonna have to trim that down...

      i may now contemplate moving the VCS to its own 40 gig disk, as there is now performance gain in having 3 separate disks from the same LUN. ESX is supposedly handling that for me...
      its easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
      Give karma where karma is due...