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VMware on web servers

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  • VMware on web servers

    Got some questions about VMware and web servers:

    I would like to ask if any of you have any real expirience ( good or bad ) with VMware?

    I also would like to ask if you can write why i should NOT install VMware on our servers ? and why should i install VMware ?

    Is there any security problem installing SQL and web server in the same VMware server ?

    should i work with dedicated servers (web, sql, dns etc) or should i work with VMware which i will install sql,dns,web etc services on it ?

    Is there any reason Not to install AD on our web servers ?


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    Re: VMware on web servers

    Moved to VMWare Forum from Windows Server 2003.
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      Re: VMware on web servers

      i have nothing but good things to say about virtual web, infrastucture, sql, app, file servers... they have done nothing but make my life easier.

      its nice to have a ballon driver taking care of all the load, and if you need another web server, clcik clcik and its up... copy and paste, rename and viola... its bad ass.

      wanna test updates before you put them on a live machine? perfect environment for that.. you dont have to hose anything... just apply and plug it in.

      it was working 10 minutes ago! well, hold on... there. its now 10 minutes ago. you can do so much cool stuff with virtuals.

      and securtiy wise, virutals carry the same security risk as real PCs. if your dedicated servers arent safe, then neither are your virtuals. i dont think it matters much when you compare a virtuals security versus a dedicated, as they are the same, imo.
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        Re: VMware on web servers

        We use VMWare ESX to host our production website and have had no issues.

        Whenever considering using VMs to run specific apps, it is important to investigate how that particular app will run on a VM.

        Some types off apps don't perform as well as expected when virtualized.



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          Re: VMware on web servers

          I'm also a big fan of virtualized servers. We use vmware server and ESX for both production and evaluation networks/servers and I make extensive use of vmware workstation for testing things and running legacy apps.

          As far as security goes, remember each machine is still subject to the same problems a physical server is; ie, a web server can still be hacked. As well, you have to take the vmware server into consideration. ESX is a highly tuned/modified red hat OS and vmware server still runs within windows so there is that to consider as well.