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Running VMware player off of a pen drive

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  • Running VMware player off of a pen drive

    Greetings Forum readers,

    I saw a post today on another website about how to run VMware Player on a pen drive. This should allow you to have a complete virtual machine and application on a single tiny USB flash drive and run it like a full computer when connected to your real system. Pretty cool stuff. A big part of this, as advertised, is being able to easily share PC's with others. I'm not sure how this works if your virtual machines are like mind - about 4GB. I don't know of a way to easily share a 4GB VM with someone else over the net.

    Basically, they talk about using a tool moka5. Here is the link:

    This is the link to the original story where I read about this. There is more step by step located there.

    I'd be curious to hear if anyone out there has tried this and how it worked for you.

    -David Davis
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    Re: Running VMware player off of a pen drive

    you might want to check out Mojopac as well , they do a very similar concept. Also to share a VM, just zip it. A large part of the 4g file is blank (reserved for memory).
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